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Our Story

Simon Bateman Flow Brew Mushroom powder coffee

My journey started not with a business strategy, but from a personal necessity to regain the joy and balance in my life. I had always been in the fast-paced startup world, believing I was invincible, until suddenly, I wasn't.

The onset of the global pandemic was a reality check. It guided me towards plant medicines, which ultimately led to my healing journey and sparked the idea for Flow Brew.

This journey of personal growth and healing ignited my vision for a brand that could help others find their own 'flow', where life's challenges are faced with a sense of purpose and fulfillment.

Flow Brew is more than just a brand for me, it's a promise to nurture our best selves, and to embrace a life filled with joy and purpose. We believe life is too precious to be lived feeling unfulfilled. So, we've pledged to provide products that remind you daily to be kind to yourself, and empower you to perform at your peak in all walks of life.

Every person's journey is unique, and that's why our mission is to support you on yours. We aim to build a community that shares resources, tools, and experiences to help each other on this journey towards balance and fulfillment.


Simon Bateman