Quality and ingredients

Mushrooms are capturing attention, and there's a reason why Flow Brew stands out

When we started to develop Flow Brew the number one focus was on offering the most genuine and robust mushrooms available - 2000mg per serving, to be specific. Our core mushroom collection contains only mushrooms. That's it. Pure, 100% mushroom magic. Meet our fantastic eight:




Lion’s Mane

Turkey Tail

King Trumpet



We only incorporate the best organic ingredients, revered for their transformative abilities and natural flavours. 

You're getting our mushrooms just as nature created them - 100% fruiting bodies. They're tested by third parties for heavy metals and contaminants and double-extracted to obtain the active components you need.

There are many choices out there, but only one brand offers you 2000mg per serving: Flow Brew. Our sources and processes are unparalleled because we pursued the science, and it led us to the world's finest functional mushroom farmers. Our love for mushrooms transforms work into passion.

What about the Flow Brew process?

The journey starts in the mountainous terrains where our shaded greenhouses and family farms are nestled away from urban centers. Depending on the mushroom type, the cultivation varies. Reishi and Lion’s Mane thrive in more humid climates, while Cordyceps requires a controlled indoor environment, and Chaga is wild harvested. Once matured, they're ready for picking.

What about extraction?

After drying and crushing them into a fine powder to maximise extraction, we use pressure cookers to break the chitin cell wall, which houses polysaccharides and beta-glucans. Once released, these bioavailable components can be metabolised, letting us benefit from their unique fungal properties.

After separating the liquid and fiber post-pressure cooking, we concentrate and dry it. Finally, it's tested for unwanted substances, and once it passes, it's ready to be packaged.

Is there anything more about testing?

We have every batch assessed by Eurofin Labs (DAKKS certified). If any test returns with too many pesticides or red-flagged chemicals, we start over. Our mushrooms are tested before and after the extraction process, tracked for every batch, and we follow stringent practices for the highest quality. All our facilities have a GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) certificate.

And the mushroom ratio?

Extraction ratios indicate concentration, not potency. Flow Brew's extraction ratios are as follows.

Reishi 10:1

Chaga 10:1

Cordyceps 10:1

Lion’s Mane 11:1

Turkey Tail 10:1

King Trumpet 10:1

Maitake 10:1

Shiitake 10:1

That's quite a fungal of knowledge

If you're new to the world of mushrooms, that's a lot to digest. But now you understand our process from forest to cup. We follow stringent testing and extraction processes, and we're confident we provide the best mushroom powders in the market. When we say pure and potent, we mean it.