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Increase your focus

You’re looking to improve you focus and productivity.

Natural Stress Relief

You need a natural way to reduce stress and encourage relaxation.

Improve your immunity

You want to strengthen you bodies defences with natural immune-boosting nutrients.

Natural gut health

You’re aiming to improve your digestive health and support a balanced gut microbiome.

Community Reviews

More and more people are discovering the power of our mushrooms to improve their health, focus and productivity


Why people love their Flow Brew mushrooms blend

117 Reviews


So far so good.. It's only been a week .. But I feel calmer & have more energy..definitely.. Enjoying trying something new.. Thanks very much Jane

Kelly Hoppen

Biggest surprise was the huge difference I felt so quickly after starting using one teaspoon in my coffee every morning . I slept better felt alert focused and calmer and healthier in my body , I can truly recommend FLOWBREW 🍄


I held off on ordering Flow Brew for a while after first hearing about it as I was sceptical that it would make any difference. But I am delighted that I took the plunge. Just one teaspoon of Memory and Focus in my morning coffee helps calm me and improves my emotional regulation. My focus and mood are better since starting it, which is a big deal when you have ADHD. Thank you Flow Brew!

Nicola Gilford

I absolutely love the taste, I really look forward to my morning coffee. My husband who is a cynic is now a convert also!

Nadine King

Absolutely love this product .. it gives me the kick start I need every morning . The protect I feel is best for me after trying the focus one too . I feel my brain feels sharper and I am more alert … the customer service by Simon is 2nd to none he is so on it .. thank you for all your help


Really pleased with my Memory and Focus supplement. This definitely exceeds expectations as I actually feel a noticeable benefit. My emotional regulation and focus are a lot better since starting to take it. Mow in my second month and it's become an essential part of my morning routine.

Trudie Richards

Utterly scrumptious. 🍄 It is truly delicious & helps you relax. A true woodland in a mug. Thank you.

Elaine Clift

After using Flow Brew, protect blend, for three weeks, I can honestly say I am feeling amazing. Much more energy during the day and sleeping much better at night. One teaspoon each day (in my morning coffee) has done the ‘trick’ for me. Highly recommend! Will be starting the ‘focus’ blend soon, thanks Flow Brew.

Ed Shepherd

We love Flow Brew. A daily cup keeps lurgies away and helps focus.

Suzanne Deering

I’m finding it really good lots more energy suzanne.

Tamara Jackson

I came across Kelly Hoppens personal review (not sponsored) on her Insta on FlowBrew. I was blown away with the love she had for it so thought, I'm going to try that. Two months later I'm a new person. Not got one cold yet, and I'm normally on at least my 2nd by mid November. I feel extremely calm dealing with day to day stresses and I generally feel on top of the world. Love it.

Aigerim Sagadiyeva

It’s 4th day of having flow brew but I’m already feeling the result. I feel good, more energy during the day and so does feel my father. He likes them. He has some health issues, so after some time I’m gonna leave another review, because I believe that mushrooms gonna help my father.

Vicki Edgson

Nothing like a natural boost of energy, clarity and mood! Thank you @FlowBrew for this superb mushroom combo #findyourflow

Susan Stewart

Not many things do exactly what they say on the tin, but these amazining little packets DO! xx

Giselle B.


I Love it - I feel so much better and its part of my morning coffee

Alex Sliver


Great product and customer service

Sarah W


I add this to my coffee every morning and it keeps me going all afternoon

Adam P

I add this to my coffee every morning and it keeps me going all afternoon

Gillian Hayes

Really noticing a very positive change with focus, motivation and mood, felt the benefits pretty much immediately too. Excellent customer service too. Thank you.


Couldn't wait to try this. Had an issue with delivery which was sorted out promptly and handled professionally. Been taking for last 5 days, noticed I've slept better and had some interesting lucid dreams. Will deffo purchase again. Thanks

Beverley T

I haven’t had any colds or bugs for 2 months!

Samantha George

I feel fantastic on this. I really feel the effects. To mix it well add it to your coffee first and then stir as you add the coffee

Sam W

Really like this company. Great customer service and the powder doesn’t really have a taste.

Mel Eve

Great powder. I am so productive on this. I have also started giving it to my daughter to help with her studies

Sebastian F

Great product and really happy with it. Get more stock in soon I’m really missing it

Kate W

I've tried other brands but this one is by far the best. I don't always remember to put in my coffee every morning but mixes well and doesnt change the taste

Deborah Hutchinson

Having read a few reviews on line decided to give flow Brew ago. Wow feeling rather amazing after a couple of months. Continued success to all.