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Discover why thousands of people are loving their Flow Brew
We're building a community of flow seekers, incredible people who want to live healthier and fulfilling lives. Join the Flow Brew movement.

One daily serving for optimal health

Increase your focus

With mushrooms like Lion's Mane, Flow Brew can help improve mental clarity, focus, and memory, supporting optimal brain health.

Natural Stress Relief

Our blends contain adaptogenic mushrooms like Reishi which can help soothe stress, balance your mood, and promote relaxation.

Mixes well

Drink on its own or add it to your morning coffee. It also works well in a protein smoothie.

Natural gut health

King Trumpet and Shiitake mushrooms in Flow Brew contribute to maintaining a healthy heart and promoting good gut health.

Don't just take our word for it

More and more people are discovering the power of our mushrooms


Why people love their Flow Brew mushrooms blend

89 Reviews

Kelly Hoppen


Biggest surprise was the huge difference I felt so quickly after starting using one teaspoon in my coffee every morning . I slept better felt alert focused and calmer and healthier in my body , I can truly recommend FLOWBREW 🍄

Suzanne Deering


I’m finding it really good lots more energy suzanne.

Tamara Jackson

I came across Kelly Hoppens personal review (not sponsored) on her Insta on FlowBrew. I was blown away with the love she had for it so thought, I'm going to try that. Two months later I'm a new person. Not got one cold yet, and I'm normally on at least my 2nd by mid November. I feel extremely calm dealing with day to day stresses and I generally feel on top of the world. Love it.

Vicki Edgson


Nothing like a natural boost of energy, clarity and mood! Thank you @FlowBrew for this superb mushroom combo #findyourflow

Giselle B.


I Love it - I feel so much better and its part of my morning coffee

Alex Sliver


Great product and customer service

Sarah W


I add this to my coffee every morning and it keeps me going all afternoon

Adam P

I add this to my coffee every morning and it keeps me going all afternoon

Gillian Hayes

Really noticing a very positive change with focus, motivation and mood, felt the benefits pretty much immediately too. Excellent customer service too. Thank you.


Couldn't wait to try this. Had an issue with delivery which was sorted out promptly and handled professionally. Been taking for last 5 days, noticed I've slept better and had some interesting lucid dreams. Will deffo purchase again. Thanks