Incorporating some of the world's most scientifically research mushrooms all in one blend. Extracted from 100% mushroom fruiting bodies, this particular blend has been designed to enhance your immune system, boost focus and reduce inflammation.

Start with one daily serving. Over time, our adaptogens and functional mushrooms offer the enhanced benefits. If desired, you can gradually increase to a maximum of two servings per day. Add to any hot drink, smoothie, milk or just water.

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Mixed Starter Bundle | Focus + Protect Blend (2x90g)

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Designed for you to experience Flow Brew twice a day, ensuring a sustained release of our potent adaptogens and functional mushrooms.

Extracted from 100% mushroom fruiting bodies, these particular blends have been designed to help you maintain deep focus, energy and a sense of calm.  These powerful blend also has the potential to enhance your immune system, reduce inflammation and manage symptoms of stress and anxiety.

Suggested use: Start with one daily serving.  Over time, our adaptogens and functional mushrooms offer there enhanced benefits.  If desired, you can gradually increase to a maximum of two servings per day.  Add to any hot drink, smoothie, milk or just water.

Focus Blend Ingredients: 

LION'S MANE - Clarity, CORDYCEPS - Energy, REISHI - Calm, GINKGO BOILOBA - Sharpness, BACOPA MONNIERI - Retention, L-THEANINE - Alertness, RHODIOLA ROSEA - Stamina

Protect Blend Ingredients:

Ingredients: LION'S MANE - Focus, CHAGA - Immunity, CORDYCEPS - Energy, REISHI - Calm, KING TRUMPET - Antioxidant, MAITAKE - Reduce stress, SHIITAKE - Heart

Additional info:

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Per blend 90 grams | 30 servings  

Discover Flow Brew

Incorporating eight of the world's most scientifically researched mushrooms all in one blend.  Each mushroom in this blend is chosen for its unique health-enhancing properties, working together to protect and energise your body.

Our blend is derived from mushrooms grown on organic substrates, ensuring they are brimming with essential nutrients and potent beta-glucans. Ideal for integrating into your daily wellness ritual, Flow Brew powder mixes seamlessly into hot drinks, like coffee, tea, or even hot chocolate. For maximum benefit, enjoy up to two servings daily. 

3rd Party Tested

Our blends and ingredients undergo rigorous third-party testing to ensure the highest quality and purity. 

Dual Extraction

Utilising advanced dual-extraction methods, we unlock the full potential of these powerful ingredients.

Powerful Ingredients

Each Flow Brew blend contains potent ingredients, selected for their profound health benefits and ability to enhance overall well-being.

Why people love Flow Brew

  • High quality mushrooms
  • Focus, Immunity and wellbeing
  • 3rd party tested for quaility


93 Reviews

Kelly Hoppen


Biggest surprise was the huge difference I felt so quickly after starting using one teaspoon in my coffee every morning . I slept better felt alert focused and calmer and healthier in my body , I can truly recommend FLOWBREW 🍄

Aigerim Sagadiyeva

It’s 4th day of having flow brew but I’m already feeling the result. I feel good, more energy during the day and so does feel my father. He likes them. He has some health issues, so after some time I’m gonna leave another review, because I believe that mushrooms gonna help my father.

Suzanne Deering


I’m finding it really good lots more energy suzanne.

Vicki Edgson


Nothing like a natural boost of energy, clarity and mood! Thank you @FlowBrew for this superb mushroom combo #findyourflow

Giselle B.


I Love it - I feel so much better and its part of my morning coffee

Alex Sliver


Great product and customer service

Sarah W


I add this to my coffee every morning and it keeps me going all afternoon

Adam P

I add this to my coffee every morning and it keeps me going all afternoon

Gillian Hayes

Really noticing a very positive change with focus, motivation and mood, felt the benefits pretty much immediately too. Excellent customer service too. Thank you.


Kate W

I've tried other brands but this one is by far the best. I don't always remember to put in my coffee every morning but mixes well and doesnt change the taste

Sebastian F

Great product and really happy with it. Get more stock in soon I’m really missing it

Samantha George

I feel fantastic on this. I really feel the effects. To mix it well add it to your coffee first and then stir as you add the coffee

Sam W

Really like this company. Great customer service and the powder doesnt really have a taste.

Mel E

Great powder. I am so productive on this. I have also started giving it to my daughter to help with her studies


My second month taking Flow Brew & I'm definitely more relaxed & also sleeping much better

Michelle S

keeps me going

Deborah Hutchinson

Having read a few reviews on line decided to give flow Brew ago. Wow feeling rather amazing after a couple of months. Continued success to all.