Introducing the Flow Brew Cinnamon Latte at Lynwood & Co

Introducing the Flow Brew Cinnamon Latte at Lynwood & Co

We're thrilled to share an exciting development, Flow Brew Mushrooms has recently partnered with Lynwood & Co, a beloved coffee shop chain based in the scenic Cotswolds. This collaboration marks a significant step forward in our mission to share everyday moments with the transformative power of mushrooms.

A Deliciously Functional Creation

In celebration of this partnership, Lynwood & Co has crafted a special beverage - the Flow Brew Cinnamon Latte. This isn't just any latte, it's a blended concoction that brings together the warmth of cinnamon with the potent benefits of Flow Brew's functional mushrooms. Each sip is designed to lift your coffee experience, turning it into a ritual that supports focus, energy and overall well-being.

More Than Just a Coffee

Our Flow Brew Cinnamon Latte is more than a delicious drink, it's a statement of intent. We believe that healthful choices should seamlessly fitting into your daily routine without compromise. With Lynwood & Co, we're on a path to revolutionise how people perceive and consume functional mushrooms, making them accessible, enjoyable and, most importantly, beneficial for everyone.

Expanding Horizons

This partnership with Lynwood & Co is just the beginning. We see a future where Flow Brew mushrooms can be found in coffee shops across the country, offering a unique blend of taste and wellness benefits. Our goal is to turn every brew into a highly functional super mushroom Flow Brew, transforming the coffee culture into one that prioritises both flavour and function.

Join the Mushroom Wellness Movement

We invite you to visit Lynwood & Co and experience the magic of the Flow Brew Cinnamon Latte. It's an opportunity to taste firsthand how deliciously rewarding functional mushrooms can be. But more than that, it's a chance to become part of a growing community that values wellness, connection and the profound impact of nature's offerings.

We're filled with gratitude for the support and enthusiasm of our customers and partners like Lynwood & Co.

Thank you for joining us in this exciting new chapter. 

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